First Discoveries™

Ages 2 Months - 1 Year


Over the first twelve months, your baby's needs will be continuously changing; learning, growing and developing at his/her own unique pace. At Discovery Years Child Learning Center, we recognize these changes and are able to provide the right experience to meet these rapidly developing abilities. That is why care, meals, playtimes and rest times are personalized for your infants' needs. Our First Discoveries™ infant program incorporates the critical roles of caring, nurturing and interacting by caregivers in your child's development. Our exclusive curriculum, 'Essentials for Early Learning'™, incorporates the latest research in infant development. On a weekly basis infants will experience: sensory exploration, cause and effect, language development, making a mark (creative arts), fine motor skill development, floor play and movement.

Our school is equipped with a custom engineered central air filtration system. The air in our facility is constantly being filtered and exchanged with fresh air from the outside. Additionally, advanced technology air purifiers have been strategically placed throughout our facility.

Organic cotton bedding for rest time and bibs are provided and laundered weekly on the premises with organic cleaning products. Additionally, we provide your choose of cloth or disposable diapers.

Discovery Years Child Learning Center™ provides an intimate, stress free atmosphere. When you enter our infant classroom soft music will be playing in the background. Our professional staff will greet you dressed in uniforms which are laundered on the premises with organic cleaning products to prevent allergic reactions to your baby's skin. You will feel relaxed and secure knowing that when you leave our premise, you are able to monitor your baby on our cameras. All of our classrooms have been equipped with a phone and extension directly to your child's caregiver so that you can interact on a daily basis. Your baby will be set to explore, learn and grow in a safe, stress free, sanitary environment.

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