COVID-19 Procedures

The welfare of children and teachers has always been a priority at DYC. Our state of the art facility, built in 2019, offers many unique features which deem us to be on the cutting edge of health and safety in early child education
We will continue to follow our existing policies and procedures in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for our families and teachers. In addition, DYC will be rolling out a number of new initiatives in order to align with recommended best practices in accordance with the CDC guidelines and recommendations..

Upon entering DYC, you can expect the following existing practices and procedures at our facility:

Shoeless environment: To negate the chemicals, germs and oils that shoes can track on the floors, we provide children with "Plae" shoes to wear throughout the facility and on our playgrounds. Playtime on the floors is a core part of each child's discovery experience and shoeless settings help keep the floors clean and safe for children to crawl, walk, run and play.

Custom air filtration: Three individual air filtration systems are continuously filtering the air in our facility in order to maintain optimal air quality and to alleviate air born germs.

Laundering of Sheets and Blankets: We provide crib sheets, cot sheets and blankets used during nap times which are laundered at our facility.

No-touch lights and toilets: Bathroom lights are featured with sensors that automatically turn on upon entering the bathroom. Toilets, too, are equipped with sensors to eliminate the need for dirty hands to touch the toilet handles. We offer push/pull bathroom doors to avoid dirty hands from touching door handles upon leaving the bathroom.

Time tailored sinks: Pre-timed push sink handles are featured on every sink faucet. This eliminates the need for the children to have to turn off the sink faucet once their hands are germ free.

Stand-alone facility: Our private 2.5 acre stand-alone facility located directly on the Penn/Princeton Medical Campus, ensures unnecessary interaction with the outside public.

Natural environment and playground: Our playground has been designed with environmentally friendly playground equipment, an organic garden and natural safety surfaces. A patio area with overhead canopy is a means for our children to enjoy nature and the outdoors during inclement weather to smell the rain or watch the snow fall. Surrounded by natural parks, with direct access to walking paths, our children have endless opportunities for active recreation and exploration.

Organic children's meals in our Café: Mealtimes in our café provide an opportunity for staff to encourage the children in the development and importance of healthy eating practices. We strive to provide and promote healthy eating patterns and positive attitudes towards healthy eating by our children and educators. All children's meals, prepared on-site, will feature locally grown, organic, natural hormone free food, with an emphasis on whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables.

In addition to our existing policies and procedures, you can expect the following changes taking place at our facility:

  • Families are to remain in their vehicles during pick-up and drop-off. Families will be greeted at the front entrance under our buildings drive-up canopy. Your child's temperature will be taken before they are escorted into the facility by a DYC staff member.
  • Teachers, staff and adults are required to wear face masks in order to enter our facility. In addition, a wellness check with temepratures taken will be required for every person prior to passing the lobby area.
  • Our no shoe policy is in full effect. Shoes will be removed upon entering the lobby.
  • Hand washing is required for children and adults before passing the lobby area.
  • Utilization of open-air classes in our facility. DYC already has 3 individual air filtration systems strategically placed throughout our facility. In order to enhance fresh air in our classrooms, teachers are required to have an open window throughout the day.
  • Teachers will implement a buddy system within their classrooms. Children will be paired with one or two buddies who will be their primary playmates throughout the day. Our spacious classrooms allow for six feet of social distancing between classmates within each classroom. Combining children from different classrooms will be prohibited.
  • Extensive cleaning and sanitation throughout the day.
  • Enhanced hand washing techniques tailored for young children.

In addition to these steps, we have received feedback from many families regarding public school closures. To meet the needs of our families, we will begin our summer camp program immediately upon opening.
DYC's is committed to ensuring the implementation of best business practices in early education. We will continue to adjust, as necessary, and will continue to communicate with you regularly.

All the best,
Sandra Sino