Our Campus

We Are A 12,000 Square Foot, State Of The Art, Eco-Friendly Child Care Facility Located Directly On Princeton Medical/Penn Medicine Campus In Plainsboro NJ.

What Sets Us Apart

Discovery Years Child Learning Center™ possesses many unique features, including:

Eco-friendly child care standards: We've made significant investment in creating a facility that will provide a setting for optimal children's health, including natural earth friendly finishes, limited plastic products, natural organic toys, natural fiber carpets and earth friendly cleaning products that exclude harmful fumes and environmental toxins.

Shoeless environment: To negate the chemicals, germs and oils that shoes can track on the floors, we provide children with "Plae" shoes to wear throughout the facility and on our playgrounds.
Playtime on the floors is a core part of each child's discovery experience and shoeless settings help keep the floors clean and safe for children to crawl, walk, run and play.

Children's meals in our Café: Mealtimes in our café provide an opportunity for staff to encourage the children in the development and importance of healthy eating practices. We strive to provide and promote healthy eating patterns and positive attitudes towards healthy eating by our children and educators. All children's meals, prepared on-site, with natural hormone free food, with an emphasis on whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Interactive learning exhibits: A significant portion of space has been dedicated to a 1000 square foot indoor gym/theatre room. The gym/theatre room is dedicated to a variety of our enrichment programs.

Natural environment and playground: Our playground has been designed with environmentally friendly playground equipment, an organic garden and natural safety surfaces. A patio area with overhead canopy is a means for our children to enjoy nature and the outdoors during inclement weather to smell the rain or watch the snow fall. Surrounded by natural parks, with direct access to walking paths, our children have endless opportunities for active recreation and exploration.

Convenient drop-off: Our expansive front entrance provides parents with the option of remaining in their vehicles during morning drop-off. A canopy to keep children safe from the elements, parents are able to remain in their vehicles as they sign their children in for the day and our dedicated staff will escort your child into our center and to their classroom.

Technology designed with a purpose: DYC is at the forefront of preschool educational technology and preparing children for the future.

• Technology Games in our indoor gym acts as a virtual playground that allows children to
interact with colorful graphics and sounds on the floor and wall.
• Teacher iPads are provided to document each child's daily routine, take candid photos
and immediately forward them to you, and always have emergency records and contacts
at hand.
• Our center is equipped with Interactive SMART Board Technology and provides preschooler's
with interactive lessons and activities in alignment with NAEYC standards to enhance each
child's learning process.
• In addition, parents will have access to password protected Web cameras to view their children
throughout the day.