Trail Blazers™

Ages 3 - 4 Years


Discovery Years Child Learning Center's Trail Blazers™ program prepares children through hands on learning in an "open center" environment, which is child directed. We introduce a structure time which is teacher lead.

The elements of our Trail Blazers™ curriculum, 'Essentials for Early Learning'™ are phonics and reading readiness, hand writing, numbers and early math, basic concepts, holistic reading words, journaling, creative arts, Mandarin, Spanish and sign language. Our Trail Blazers™ will have the opportunity to participate in interactive White Board Technology and 'Hatch' Earl Learning which provides age appropriate interactive lessons and activities in alignment with National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards to enhance each child's learning process.

Our 'Essentials for Early Learning'™ uses developmentally appropriate assessments. These tools track each child's individual growth and development and allow our teacher's to appropriately plan activities for each child. We share assessments with families at our semi-annual conferences, at which time, teachers and families decide together a plan for continued growth and learning tailored for their child. A working portfolio/keepsake is sent home with each child at the end of the school year.


Trail Blazers™ will participate in our enrichment curriculum programs, S.T.E.A.M. and science discovery in our Butterfly Pavilion™, cooking in our Café, Maisy and the Magic Story Box™, Fun to be Fit™, Cultures in Rhythm™, Passport to Learning™, character building and philanthropy, planting and harvesting in our organic garden.

All of our teachers and support staff are selected to serve as nurturing role models. They are trained and certified as early childhood educators. Teachers are required to meet and maintain all early childhood education courses in compliance with state and Discovery Years Child Learning Center's™ requirements. Our staff is Health & Safety, CPR and First Aid certified. We require ongoing professional development. Once a potential employee makes the commitment to becoming a teacher at our center, they undergo a criminal background check, a CARI Report check, must agree to random drug testing and successfully complete our training course prior to being hired. Our extensive hiring process is our way of guaranteeing that your child will receive the best quality of care.

Our teachers to Trail Blazers™ ratio is 1:8.