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The enrichment programs at Discovery Years Child Learning Center are designed to inspire every child to explore their natural talents and interests.
We strive to give children a well-rounded educational experience through a range of activities, including:


The Butterfly Pavilion is a, Reggio inspired, Science Discovery, S.T.E.A.M. room which will expose children to a variety of hands-on science experiments and activities. There is an indoor sandbox where the children can use their imaginations as they dig roads or create sandcastles. Children will learn new concepts of weights, measures and engineering in our building and water play areas or express themselves artistically with a variety of art media and painting on our Picasso wall.


Classic stories come alive as Maisy arrives with her box filled with magical treasures that relate to the story she will read and the children will act upon. This theatre arts program is  designed to help children develop important oral language skills, story sequencing and literacy which are so important to the development of reading concepts and skills.


Children will embark upon new adventures as they travel around the world to explore and learn about continents, oceans, countries, states and landmarks.


Physical fitness which incorporates, sports, dance and yoga is an important aspect of early childhood development in accordance with their health and well-being. Children will engage in games and activities that promote strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and body awareness.


This program introduces the children to food value of each fruit/vegetable to our bodies and environment. The children participate in working through a recipe and then tasting it. Farmer’s Markets’ store bought organics are supplemented when necessary.


This program is dedicated to giving children an area to develop the fine arts and use it to celebrate music, instrument instruction, dance and culture. The children will be introduced to music and dance from around the world, instruments, rhythm patterns, vocal skills and musical notes. They will embark on a journey of different cultures to understand the musical diversity in the world they live in.


Learning to Give - The children work together for the benefit of others. This program focuses on teaching children compassion and kindness in our community and the world.


The observation of how nature nurtures us is year-round at DYC Learning Center. Besides composting lunch scraps and preserving rain water for our organic garden, the children have an abundance of hands-on activities to participate in: digging in April, planting in May, and harvesting in June through August. The anticipation is high in the summer when the organic gardens produce peppers, cucumbers, watermelon, corn, tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, flowers and herbs that provide the children with fresh snacks they’ve picked themselves. They also enjoy making beautiful dried arrangements from herbs and flowers. Then, in fall, the pumpkins arrive!

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Develop their skills outside the classroom

Your child can also take advantage of our after-school programs, like ballet, karate, violin or piano with an experienced member of our staff.

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